My story

There was a time when I took pictures because it was a passion. Nowadays, photography for me is a way of life. It feels a lot better this way. I am an autodidact. My favourite photographers are painters: Henry Matisse, John Baldessari, Lucian Freud.

 In my professional life I was a cultural worker in Brussels.

Later on I was an NGO director of an international support group on Indigineous issues. 

 I would describe myself as a full-time philosopher and an accidental photographer.

 Special thanks to two of my best friends, models and also great photographers: Annick Van heule and Nele De Baets-Lemmens.

There would be no great pictures without them.

Also thanks to: Myriam, Elien, Anya, Griet, Jean-Paul, Kiki, Nikki, Katleen, Anya, Sandra, Betty, Tania, Ella, Petra, Bramien, Veerle and many others...