The silence of the village


The village of Lacoste, on the hills of the Petit-Lubéron in the Provence, has always had a hard but quiet life.In the 1960-ties artists and others came to Lacoste and created a new style of life. Untill in 2001 Pierre Cardin came to the village.

Art for cars ?


Pierre Cardin bought the castle of De Sade and wanted to create an art centre with a parking lot for more than 2000 cars on the plain above the village. The habitants of the village were not amused and disagreed. 

House for sale


Pierre Cardin started to buy one house, then two, then three. He bought the Café de Sade, the bakery...

He offered three times more then the normal price. 

And so it came that the habitants of Lacoste went theirselves to Pierre Cardin and asked him to buy their houses (price x 3.

With that money they build new houses on the place where Pierre Cardin would build his parking lot for 2000 cars... 




The silence of the village


During summertime, visitors of Lacoste will see a village full of life. There is plenty of art, many students at the American Art School (since 1960),

you can have a drink and eat in the Café de Sade etc.

The other ten months, Lacoste is a dead village.

The only place where you will find people is in the Café de France: the female owner didn't want to sell to Pierre Cardin. And she still doesn't.